Is International School Of Bangkok The Best For Expat Kids?

Is International School Of Bangkok The Best For Expat Kids?

This is a question that has been raised for the umpteenth time. Expats never seem to be able to get over the worries of securing the best education (international schools) for their kids after relocating from one country to another – Thailand, in this case.

Just so you put your mind at ease, Bangkok is a city known for its contemporary technology, rich history, and culture as well as an enchanting natural environment. But that is not all.

Bangkok has some of the most trusted international schools which meet every one of the standards and can ensure a secure academic future for your kid.

So how do you know what is best for your kid? You can weigh your options.

For expat kids, an international school in Bangkok is the best. The reason is that they must have already been used to a foreign curriculum (one of their native country) and an international school in Bangkok makes use of foreign curricula to avoid any sort of disruption of your child’s academics.

Maybe your child is familiar with the British curriculum, or the American or French or German curriculum. Different international schools of Bangkok offer different foreign curricula. It is left for you to find one that matches what you want.

Some schools are advertised as an international school in Bangkok but in the real sense, they are bil ngual schools that teach the Thai curriculum but in the English language. These might not be the best for expat kids as they might completely lose sight of their cultural background.

Besides the curriculum, international school of Bangkok works hand in hand with several international organizations to make sure your child is well attended to and safe.

Some of the standards are the available learning facilities and the class size as well as the available teachers.

International School of Bangkok often run a small to medium class size. By this, your child can be easily spotted and given all the attention he/she needs.

Although a lot of parents would wince at the fees these international schools of Bangkok take yearly, but education is expensive, isn’t it?