Here Is Why You Need To Send Your Kids to an International School In Thailand

Here Is Why You Need To Send Your Kids to an International School In Thailand

For a foreign national with a family moving to Thailand, one of the biggest headaches would be to find your kids the best school. For the kids, it might be a nightmare trying to adjust to a new social set up, a different kind of learning, a different education system, and making new friends.

Selecting the best foreign school for your kid will be the best decision in view of the circumstances. Quality is what matters when making this decision.

There are over 150 international schools in Thailand. They have incorporated a foreign curriculum that administers national examinations of those countries. The schools are ideal for expatriate workers and foreigners whose spouses are Thailand nationals.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider enrolling your kids to an international school in Thailand

• Broad-based curriculum
Thailand’s International schools have a curriculum that focuses on the classroom as well as a wide range of extra curriculum activities such as, music, arts, and sports. It is quite flexible and easily adjusts to global trends. It has been designed to match the education system of your country.

The main curriculums offered are the American, British, and the International Baccalaureate. Others you might consider are the French, German, Australian, and Singapore based curriculums.

• Internationally recognized examinations and qualifications
The examinations and qualifications offered by these learning institutions are accredited. They have passed quality standards and approved by Thailand’s quality assurance body. They have also been accredited by recognized bodies such as the council of international schools. The schools have been recognized worldwide for upholding education standards.

• Culture Mix
Students enrolled in these centres of excellence are guaranteed to study in a multicultural environment. The children are from different nationalities and thus there is interaction with students from diverse cultures of the world.

Look no further and enroll your kid in a Thailand international school. Your kid will be taught in a style or language that is easy to understand and to adapt. They will be happy and develop a high self-esteem that will lead to them excelling academically and fully exploit the various available opportunities.

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