Greene Academy Education Program

Greene Academy Education Program
The Greene Academy Education Program was created to better meet the needs of Greene County students who have been unsuccessful in the regular education program.  Students ages 13-16 may be enrolled in the program.


To provide a learning environment which reveals to each student individual learning potential and ability to become a lifelong learner who develops self and contributes positively to community.


Applicants may be referred by a school Principal. Once the application is received, the student’s academic and discipline records are reviewed, and interviews are conducted with:  The student, parents or guardians, school personnel, and other available sources.   The student must meet the following entrance requirements:

  • Be willing to set personal and academic goals and work to achieve these goals
  • Be willing to commit to student expectations as laid out in this handbook
  • Be at 5th Grade or higher level in reading comprehension and mathematics

Enrollment at Greene Academy is open to referrals throughout the school year and admission will be granted any time individual student goals can be met.


The coursework is a blend of focused instruction on basic skills, through NovelStar, classroom instruction, and guided group activities.  It is the goal of our school to give students the basic skills that they need to compete in high school and beyond.  The curriculum is aligned with the Indiana State Standards providing a smooth transition back into the public school.  The small school environment offers many opportunities for individualized instruction, to work in flexible arrangements, and to set individual pace based on the rate of acquisition.


The goal of Greene Academy is to address individual student goals and prepare them to return to regular school environment as soon as possible. Students are also given the opportunity to develop themselves personally through a series of guest speakers, service in the community, educational trips, life-skills, and participation in project success.  Students are given the responsibility of controlling personal behavior and provided encouragement and structure to attain this goal.  Students who participate in Project Success may be referred to further group or individual instruction to help develop personal skills for success in life.  Participation in these activities may require may require parents to provide consent and/or information for the students involvement.