Expat’s Advice: Let Your Kids Study in an International School in Thailand

Expat’s Advice: Let Your Kids Study in an International School in Thailand

Once you land in Thailand, settling down smoothly is a hassle. And one among the greatest headaches any expat would tell you is the problem of finding an academic institution where kids can grow well.

In a foreign country, your little ones face a risk of not only forgetting your home country’s ideals, but also all the good values and mannerisms you grew up with. There’s also a problem of not getting a school that’s in sync with what’s taught back at home.

Why let your kids study at an international school in Thailand
Thailand is one of Asia’s most beautiful countries. On the academic front, the country is abundant with some of the finest schools for foreigners. Both elementary and colleges classified as international schools are known for smarter, smaller classes and culturally immersive curriculums.

All over Kuala Lumpur and in other cities across the country, it is now a norm for expatriates to enroll their young ones in international schools. And looking at the benefits or the reasons behind this trend, anyone would tell you the decision is justifiable.

• Offers seamless integration with the overseas educational system
Although they exhibit similar features with most bilingual schools or English programs offered at private academic institutions, international schools are unique in how they run. All the approximately 180 of these schools are internationally recognized, allowing graduates to continue their education abroad.

Ideally, it is the curricula offered by international schools in Thailand that places them much ahead compared to the local government schools. Most of them adhere to either USA or UK curricula, something that makes it easy for students to qualify to any college both within Thailand and outside.

Also, qualifications the schools must exhibit before getting recognized by the country’s ministry of education and abroad are quite strict. It entails having ultra-modern facilities, highly qualified teachers and proven teaching methods.

• Enables them to keep up with the Western culture
You will finally settle down and your family starts feeling at home in Thailand when your children find the right school to attend. But the real confidence of keeping up with both the local culture and what happens out there is when the kids are on tabs with your authentic culture – western culture.

International schools often stick to teaching as per the curricula taught in your country of origin. This, of course, gives the kids an invaluable asset in staying abreast with the norms and all happenings back at home. In the end, they will come back home and integrate into the local culture without any difficulty.

• Lastly, they teach morals and ethics
There are probably multiple reasons to choose an international school for your child in Thailand. But the fact that a majority of them are run by reputable Christian institutions and thus stick to firm traditional values and ethics is perhaps the best benefit.

Of course, they do admit students from all religions. But from the many with a Christian background, you must take your time and choose the right one for your child.

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