About Us

About Us

Greene Education Services began as a Community Alliance to Promote Education Grant (CAPE) from the Lilly Foundation back in 2001.  The original grant, written by the Greene County Foundation, focused on five key initiatives:

  • Eastern Heights YMCA
  • Volunteer Connection and Habitat for Humanity
  • Social Workers/Counselors in each of the five school corporations in the county
  • Greene County Literacy Coalition
  • Speakers Bureau

In 2004 the Greene County Grant and Professional Development Consortium (The Consortium) was created in an effort to sustain CAPE II programs that were thriving within each school corporation and across Greene County, Indiana.  In 2007, the Consortium was awarded a CAPE III from the Lilly Foundation.  This grant focused primarily on the sustainability of all programs that were started with the CAPE II grant.  Over time most of the CAPE II initiatives have been sustained to some degree.

As we begin our seventh year as the Consortium, we are proud to announce that to date almost $5 Million has been brought into the county for youth and family programs and initiatives.  Current initiatives include:

  • Grant Writing and Fund Raising for youth centered programs
  • Speakers to promote positive lifestyle choices
  • Service Learning and Project/Problem Based learning in schools
  • School social workers and counselors
  • Math Education Professional Development
  • Project Lead The Way Advisory Committee
  • Community Coalition for Communities CAN
  • School, student and community safety
  • Greene Academy for youth ages 13-16
  • Greene Alternative to Suspension Program for students grades 7-12 (Greene ATS)
  • Living Well Initiative in Greene and Owen Counties
Greene Education Services continues to work with the county through its affiliations with other local organizations.  We encourage you to stop by our offices and get to know our staff.  We welcome input from those we serve.